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My name is Dortmund Mattioli and I have been on my own personal spiritual journey for many years. I have had many different spiritual experiences which have helped me to develop my spiritual gifts and discover my natural affinity for helping people. And to further develop this natural tendency, I earned a university degree in Psychology, became a Reiki Master and Conscious Channeler. For the past 20 years, I have worked with many types of youth with a variety of behavioral, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges including dealing with autism, learning disabilities, abuse, post-traumatic stress, anxiety, aggression and criminal behavior.

For several years, I also studied Japanese martial art called Aikido, which operates on principles of non-resistance and circular motion. It involves blending with and redirecting the other person’s energy. Aikido means “The way of harmony with universal energy”. Studying Aikido was my first real introduction to working with universal energy and alternative healing; as our teacher or sensei also taught us acupressure. This is the same as acupuncture but without the needles and uses the energy meridians throughout the body.

I have been working with energy, spirit and helping people spiritually more consciously and purposefully since the year 2001; when I first began studying Reiki.


I help people become more in touch with their intuition, spiritual abilities and life purpose to live a more meaningful and fulfilling life. I do this in a variety of ways. I consciously communicate with and channel a variety of different angelic and spiritual beings that wish to teach, guide and support you in your own personal spiritual journey, as you move toward awakening to your spiritual gifts and life purpose. Some of these beings include Archangel Michael, a group of angels called The Angel Light, Jesus, The Atlanteans and The Ori. I do monthly Spiritual Awakening seminars where I channel a different spiritual being on different spiritual topics. I also offer private individual sessions of channeling or Reiki energy healing.

In addition to sharing spiritual wisdom from Spirit, I also provide spiritual information and wisdom from my own experiences and other spiritual teachers. I have created a FREE online Spiritual Awakening magazine and this membership site, as methods of sharing this wisdom and knowledge with others to help them on their own spiritual and personal journeys.


During my life, I have dealt with, and overcome various life challenges including a lot of death of loved ones, depression, anxiety, feeling like I did not belong, being hurt and wronged by others. These difficult experiences helped me to develop a great deal of compassion and empathy for others. Out of this, my desire and passion to help others grew and evolved. I now know that my general life purpose is to be of service by helping and healing others. As such, I am passionate about, and committed to helping you become more spiritually aware and personally empowered to make positive changes in your life.

In May, 2007 I had a profound spiritual experience where I had a “vision” of Archangel Michael at a spiritual seminar called “I Can Do It”; and he communicated with me. On a break, I “saw” him standing in front of the main stage in a large auditorium and he was about 40 feet tall!  He asked me to go to him and face the chair of audience, and he shrunk down into my body. He then gave me the message stating that “one day we will teach”. At that time I did not understand what it meant but soon afterwards he began to teach me how to raise my energy vibration and channel.

Then one day, God spoke to me and asked me to help Him, the angels and other spiritual beings to convey their wisdom and guidance to people so that they can help them spiritually awaken, start living their life purpose and unite with others to create a better world. I was very surprised and even though I was also a bit scared because I did not know what to do, I said “yes” and accepted this special assignment from God.

It has been a very interesting journey that has required me to learn how to trust God and the universe more, to help guide me along the way.  Since then I now consciously channel a wide variety of positive and loving spiritual beings such as angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and even benevolent extraterrestrials that share wisdom and guidance to help, teach and inspire people on their spiritual journeys.  I feel very grateful and blessed to be able to help people in this way through my Spiritual Awakening, seminars, Spiritual Awakening Academy and private sessions of spiritual healing, channeling and spiritual coaching or mentoring.

Trust.  Believe.  Awaken.


The Spiritual Life Coach

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  1. I was amazed to read your testimony regarding your experience. I also noticed after I have done daily Meditation and I am feeling the energy of the universe through the archangel Michael, who has appeared for me when I was doing for two times thorough metidacao. I think something special is happening now in this moment .. I believe that angels are waking up everywhere in the world.

    1. Hello Judite, Thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences. There is something special happening and I believe that it is US that are waking up. The angels have always been around us and it is OUR energy that is raising with the shift of 2012. As a result, we are now becoming more aware of angels and able to perceive them better. It is an exciting time to be alive! May you continue to wake up and realize your true potential!

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