Spiritual Wisdom

WELCOME!  These are recordings of past Spiritual Awakening Seminars of Dortmund Mattioli channeling various spiritual, angelic and extraterrestrial beings or groups, who share spiritual wisdom on a variety of topics to help you on your spiritual journey!  The purpose of every channeling, seminar and recording is to help, guide, teach and inspire you to become more spiritually aware and personally empowered to make positive changes in your life.  This will help you to awaken to your true self, unique gifts and life purpose. Then we can unite and together we can transform the world into a more positive, conscious and loving place.  Most of the recordings have both audio and video, while some only have audio currently. We are always working on uploading more videos, audios and more content, so check back periodically for new uploads.  We are always open to your feedback and suggestions to make your site better!

Choose a topic of interest and click on a link below or in the right hand column.  Then you can navigate this Spiritual Wisdom section by clicking on the topic or search using the search box located in the top right of this page.  Enjoy!